Cherry Stone Pillow 22 x 24 cm

The natural hot “water” bottle


  • Size: approx. 22 x 24 cm
  • Filling: cherry stones
  • Fabric: 100 % cotton
  • Made in Germany
  • Medical device
  • Produced in workshops for handicapped people

Product description


The Cherry Stone Pillow can be used to apply momentary heat to increase feelings of wellbeing and especially for easing the body’s aches and pains as a form of heat therapy. The product is only intended for private home use and can be used for babies, children and adults.


The Cherry Stone Pillow is suitable as a warmer exclusively for the following areas of application:
• Stomach ache/Stomach cramps
• Constipation and flatulence
• Colds
• Muscle pains/stiffness
• Muscle/neck tensions
• Discomfort during menstruation
• Generally warming cold areas of the body

Usage and Heating Instructions

The following options are available to heat the pillow:

100-00/112-00 Cherry Stone Pillow 16 x 16/19 x 19 cm / In a non-preheated oven at a max. temperature of 110 °C for max. 5 minutes / In the microwave (Follow the instructions of the microwave manufacturer!) at max. 300 watt for max. 1 minute

110-00/1100-00 Cherry Stone Pillow 22 x 24 cm/43 x 20 cm / In a non-preheated oven at a max. temperature of 110 °C for max. 5 minutes / In the microwave (Follow the instructions of the microwave manufacturer!) at max. 300 watt for max. 2 minutes

Place on a lukewarm radiator or tiled stove for a longer period of time

Immediately after heating the pillow, distribute the heat evenly by shaking it! When heated for the first few times, you may find that there is slight moisture on the surface, but this will disappear after repeated use.

Material and care advice

Material Composition

Material: 100% cotton
Filling: Cherry stones

Care Advice and Storage

Do not wash the Cherry Stone Pillow in order to avoid the formation of rot/mould! Store the product in a dry place! Protect from moisture!

Information about Shelf Life and Disposal

We recommend replacing the Cherry Stone Pillow after a maximum of 4 years, if used normally. The product can be disposed of in household waste and recycled thermally without any problems. Please separate the individual packaging components and dispose of them in the relevant recycling system. Please be aware of regional disposal guidelines.

Manufacture: The cotton material originates from controlled organic farming. The product is filled in German workshops for people with disabilities.

Use: When being warmed up, microwave energy is effectively turned into heat.

Shelf life: When used carefully, the product can last up to at least 4 years.

Disposal: The cherry stones can be disposed of in organic waste, and the materials in household waste.