Grape Seed Tummy and Back Pillow

Comfortable warm treatments for the back and tummy


  • For back complaints and menstrual cramps
  • Practical Velcro width adjustment allows a perfect fit
  • Removable internal pillow and washable cover
  • Design: beige with floral embroidery
  • Size: approx. 28 x 18 cm
  • Filling: grape seeds
  • Medical device
  • Filled in workshops for handicapped people


Product description


The Grape Seed Heat Pillow can be used to apply momentary heat to increase feelings of wellbeing and especially for easing the body’s aches and pains as a form of heat therapy. The product is only intended for private home use and is only suitable for adults and children over the age of 14.


The Grape Seed Heat Pillow for the Back and Stomach is suitable as a warmer exclusively for the following areas of application:
• Muscle pains/stiffness
• Stomach ache/Stomach cramps
• Constipation and flatulence
• Discomfort during menstruation
• Generally warming cold areas of the body

Usage and Heating Instructions

Before heating the pillow, check for any unusual odors, mould stains or burn marks. Dispose of the product immediately if these are present. Please remove the inner pillow from the cover before heating. The following options are available to heat the pillow:
• Warm in a non-preheated oven at a max. temperature of 110 °C for max. 5 minutes
• Warm in the microwave at max. 300 watt for max. 2 minutes (Follow the instructions of the microwave manufacturer!) If you don’t think the product feels warm enough, extend the heating time in 15 second intervals at the specified wattage, under personal supervision, up to a maximum temperature of 48 °C.
• Place on a lukewarm radiator or tiled stove for a longer period of time

Immediately after heating the pillow, distribute the heat evenly by shaking it! Subsequently insert the inner pillow into the  cover. When heated for the first few times, you may find that there is slight moisture on the surface, but this will disappear after repeated use.

Material and care advice

Material Composition

Material: Cover: 100% polyester
Internal pillow: 100%

Care Advice and Storage

The cover can be removed and is machine-washable at 30 °C. Please observe the care symbols on the product! Do not wash the inner pillow filled with grape seeds in order to prevent the formation of rot/mould! Store the product in a dry place! Protect from moisture!

Information about Shelf Life and Disposal

With normal usage, the product should be replaced after 4 years. The product can be disposed of in household waste and recycled thermally without any problems. Please separate the individual packaging components and dispose of them in the relevant recycling system. Please be aware of regional disposal guidelines.