This item is no longer as of 11/21/2022.

Iris Root Attached to Pacifier Chain

The natural teether on a pacifier chain


  • Traditional home remedy
  • Supports the child naturally during the teething process
  • Becomes soft and elastic through saliva
  • Handmade
  • Pacifier made in Germany
  • Pacifier chain in compliance with EN 12586:2007 + A1:2011


Product description


The iris root, taken from the iris pallida or germanica, is a traditional teething remedy recommended by midwives and mothers. Babies can find teething very unpleasant. The gums often become red, swollen and very sensitive. During this time, babies should be encouraged to bite often and with force. Saliva makes the iris root soft and elastic, helping it support the teeth as they break through. The iris root is fixed to a wooden pacifier chain, which is made in Germany. The pacifier chain can also be attached to comforters, dummies etc.

  • The iris root is a traditional household remedy, recommended by midwives and mothers to be used for teething babies.
  • Very often, the gums are sore and very sensitive.
  • The iris root is softened and made elastic by the saliva.
  • Vigorous chewing on the iris root helps the teeth to break through the gums.
  • It is not suitable for any other application.
  • The pacifier chain serves as fastener for baby‘s dummy or pacifier.

Material and care advice

Material: 100 % iris root; wood

Care Advice:

  • After use, the root should be dried at room temperature and checked for any part of it being brittle.
  • In case of soiling, the root may be immersed into boiling water for about 30 seconds (do not immerse the wood of the pacifier chain).
  • Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents to clean the pacifier chain. Only wipe it with a damp cloth, should it be soiled.
  • Please do not place in direct sunlight as amber can become brittle.
  • The iris root and pacifier chain can be disposed of in the household waste and be recycled thermally without a problem.