Natural foot warmer

100% compostable filling


  • Provides natural warmth for cold feet for up to 5 hours
  • Thin heat patch to stick on the sole of the foot that warms itself on contact with oxygen
  • Self-adhesive on the socks without skin contact – ideal for sensitive skin
  • 100% compostable filling* with iron powder and activated charcoal
  • 1 pair: approx. 7 x 9 cm, universal size, white


* Bei haushaltsüblicher Anwendung, bitte Gebrauchsanweisung beachten.

Product description

Our Natural foot warmers provide up to 5 hours of soothing warmth for cold feet. Thanks to the even heat distribution, they keep the soles of your feet and toes comfortably warm and thus provide a whole-body feeling of warmth – ideal for at home or on the go. The thin disposable toe warmers measure approx. 7 x 9 cm and are glued to the bottom of the socks. They are hardly noticeable and suitable for all shoes (sneakers, boots, etc.) and all sizes.

No time-consuming activation or charging necessary: The filling of the toe warmers contains, among other things, iron powder and activated carbon. As a result, the disposable heat pads heat up themselves within a few minutes when they come into contact with oxygen. The natural filling is 100% compostable*. Thus, with our foot warmers, we offer a natural and ecological alternative to similar products.



Whether at work or in free time: many of us spend many hours outside even in cold temperatures in autumn and winter. Our Natural foot warmers keep your feet warm for up to 5 hours!

Our Natural foot warmers are suitable for:
– outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, biking, camping, snow shovelling, photography, hunting, horse riding, visiting Christmas markets and much more.

We can especially recommend this product to professional groups such as farmers, forestry workers, gardeners, field workers, craftsmen and many more.

To activate the warming effect, open the foil pouch and remove the heat patch. Remove the release paper from the adhesive side and stick the foot warmer to the underside of the socks. After waiting a few minutes, a noticeable warmth develops and you can put on your shoes.

Our Natural foot warmers are suitable for ages 12 and up.