Organic teething animal

Made of natural rubber for playing and teething


  • For playing and biting made of natural rubber
  • Wooden ring for easy gripping
  • Structured surface for gum massage
  • Without BPA and phthalates
  • Material: natural rubber and wood
  • Designs: dinosaur and turtle
  • Packed in workshops for handicapped people

Product description

Product description

The teething animal is ideal for chewing as it is made from natural rubber. Chewing supports your baby’s natural teething process. Babies discover the world with their mouths, hands and eyes. The toy animals, with their bright colours and different textures, arouse the child‘s curiosity and invite babies‘ hands to explore. This gives them their first experiences of playing with different shapes and structures, and trains their ability to grasp and sense of touch at the same time. The wooden ring is ideal for small hands to practise gripping and holding.


The teething animal is ideal for chewing as it is made from natural rubber. Chewing supports your baby’s natural teething process.

  • You can simply hand the teething animal to your child to play with and chew on.
  • The organic teething animal is used for babies to assist their teething process.
  • With its textured surface and soft structure, it gently massages the baby’s gums when they chew on it.
  • Its ergonomic shape and the wooden ring make it easy for the baby to grip the animal and bite on it.
  • Please note that the organic teething animal is made of natural rubber. The natural rubber smell will disappear with time and is completely harmless.

Material and care advice


Teething animal: Natural rubber
Wooden ring: Maple

We use a wood-turning wax to protect the wooden ring (moisture, saliva). The wax is tested in accordance with DIN EN 71-3 and is suitable for toys.

Care advice:

Please clean the teething animal before using it for the first time and regularly after that. To do this, the wooden ring can simply be removed from the rubber part.

Please clean the wooden ring and the rubber animal separately as follows:


Cleaning the wooden ring
Do not use any abrasive detergents to clean the wooden ring. If the ring is dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth which is not too wet.

Cleaning the rubber animal
Clean the natural rubber animal with warm running water. Dry it in a dry, hygienic place. If it is extremely dirty, the natural rubber animal can be immersed in boiling water for approx. 30 seconds and then air dried. Please only clean the natural rubber animal in boiling water in exceptional cases as if it is cleaned this way too often, then it can reduce the service life of the product. Not suitable for being heated up in a microwave or for being steam-sterilised. The rubber animal is not dishwasher-safe. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents or washing up liquid to clean the teething animal.

Storage and disposal instructions

Do not expose the teething animal to direct sunlight, heat or constant humidity as this may damage the product. Store the product in dry, clean conditions. The teething animal can be disposed of in household waste and recycled thermally without any problems.