Pushchair Muff

With natural heat pads for extra warmth


  • Provides warmth and protects against wind & weather when walking with the pra
  • Universal fit muff with press stud fasteners to attach to the pram handle
  • With two inside pockets for fixing disposable heat pads for up to 5 hours of extra warmth
  • Muff made of 100 % cotton (organic) with impregnated outside; heat pads with compostable* filling
  • 1 muff: approx. 46 x 26 cm, white/anthracite; 10 heat pads: approx. 7 x 10 cm, white

* For normal household use. We recommend an application of one patch content to 10 litres of compost or organic waste to ensure sufficient dilution. When used in home compost, the amount of heat patches disposed of over a longer period of time should be a maximum of four patches per month (according to study by Fraunhofer Institute Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, 2019).

Product description

Our Pushchair muff provides warmth for dry and cosy hands during a walk. The muff is universally suitable thanks to the snap fasteners for fastening. We do not use velcro fasteners that stick to clothing. The hand muff has a fluffy-soft inside made of cotton fleece (organic) and an impregnated outside.

This makes our Pushchair muff unique: Inside the muff are two sewn-in pockets into which our disposable heat pads can be inserted. The heat pads provide up to 5 hours of additional warmth!

No time-consuming activation or charging necessary: The filling of the disposable heat pads contains, among other things, iron powder and activated charcoal. As a result, they heat themselves within a few minutes on contact with oxygen. The natural filling is 100% compostable*. So we offer a natural and ecological alternative to similar products.

Our Pushchair muff can be used with or without heat pads. The starter pack includes a muff and 10 disposable hand warmer pads. You can buy the warming pads separately at any time.



It’s time for a winter walk, because even when it’s freezing cold or snowing outside, fresh air is important for baby and parents. With our Pushchair muff, your hands will stay cosy and warm and you won’t have to constantly take off and put on gloves when your little one needs something.

Our Pushchair muff is suitable as a warmth dispenser and protection in
– cold temperatures.
– rain, snow and wind.



Step 1

GRÜNSPECHT heat pads intended for single use are activated through contact with oxygen and warm up automatically within 15 minutes. To do this, take the warmer out of the foil bag (see Fig. 1) and knead it thoroughly. CAUTION: Please check the heat pads before use. Do not use if the filling of the heating cell is leaking out and/or the heat pad is damaged or cracked.

Schritt 2

Open the press studs on the Pushchair Muff by pulling lightly on the studs. Wait a few minutes until you can feel that the heat pads have started to warm up and then place a heat pad into each of the pouches sewn into the inside (fleecy side) of the Pushchair Muff. To do this, fold the heat pad slightly in the middle and slide it into the pouch. Then unfold the heat pad inside the pouch with your fingers so that it lies flat and secure inside the pouch. The slanted shape of the pouches prevents the heat pads from slipping out.

Schritt 3

Now place the Pushchair Muff around the handle of your pushchair and fasten the press studs. The press studs are positioned so that rain is able to flow off the surface more easily. Next, place your hands into the two openings and you’re ready for a lovely winter walk. The side with the heat pads inserted should be on top of your hands. (Tip: if the GRÜNSPECHT logo on the label inside is facing up, you have the muff the correct way round.) After around 15 minutes, it will have become pleasantly warm. If it is not warm enough, then allow the heat pads to have contact with air again. The Pushchair Muff with the natural heat pads can be used for as long as it feels pleasantly
warm. We recommend that you don’t use the heat on your hands for longer than five hours at a time. If you should find that your hands are slightly red, this is due to the heating effect of the heat pads. If the skin is still red after a few hours, do not apply any heat until the redness has disappeared completely.

The Pushchair Muff made from 100 % cotton (COF) can be re-used and is washable.
Only the inserted heat pads are intended for single use and must be disposed of after use. Please observe the care instructions as well as the
disposal instructions under “Material and care advice”. To continue to use the Pushchair Muff, we recommend GRÜNSPECHT hand warmers, which can be purchased separately.

Material and care advice


Natural hand warmers: Ingredients: Iron powder, water, vermiculite, active charcoal, salt (potassium chloride).
Material of Pushchair Muff: 100 % cotton (COF)

Care advice:

The outside of the Pushchair Muff made of 100 % cotton (COF) is water-repellent to keep you dry in rain showers. However, frequent machine washing can reduce the water-repellent function. We therefore recommend that you only wash the muff when necessary at 30°C on a wool wash cycle with a gentle spin cycle.
CAUTION! Remove the heat pads from the pouches before washing! Our tip: Use a net washing bag for particularly gentle cleaning.

Please store the hand warmers out of reach of children, household pets, away from moisture and direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. If the foil bag is sealed, the hand warmers can be used up to the expiry date shown on the rear of the foil bag.

Disposal Instructions:

The GRÜNSPECHT hand warmers are only intended to be used once. After use, you can dispose of them easily and in an environmentally-friendly manner. In place of the sodium chloride which is used in many single-use body warmers, the GRÜNSPECT “Natural hand warmers” contain potassium chloride, which is also used in plant fertilisers. Potassium is a plant nutrient, which is why, after usage and cooling, the hand warmer filling can be disposed of in bio-waste or compost.
CAUTION! Before disposal, allow the hand warmer to cool completely (up to 48 hours), in order to avoid ignition or combustion. The heat pad cover becomes
slightly porous once it has cooled down, which means that small particles from the pad filling could leak out. Please dispose of the heat pad as quickly as
possible once it has cooled down.
Once it is fully cooled, knead the warmer with your hands. Then carefully open on the narrow edge using scissors and empty the filling into your bio-waste or compost.
CAUTION! When disposing of the filling, make sure that you avoid direct contact between the filling and mucous membranes – if contact should occur, then follow the safety instructions.
We recommend disposal of 2 hand warmer fillings to 10 litres of compost or bio-waste, in order to ensure sufficient dilution. When using in household compost,
the quantity of hand warmers to be disposed of over a longer period of time is a maximum of nine warmers a month (in accordance with a study by the
Frauenhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, 2019). Do not use the hand warmer filling for ornamental plants.
The remaining elements of the hand warmer and the packaging must be separated by material type and disposed of in household waste and taken to the relevant recycling scheme. Please be aware of regional disposal guidelines.
The Pushchair Muff made of 100 % cotton (COF) can be re-used and is washable (for details see Chapter 6: Storage, care and shelf life).