2 Replacement caps for hot water bottles

Thread Ø 23 mm, dark green


  • Suitable for GRÜNSPECHT Hot Water Bottles in dark green (see photo) with Ø 23 mm thread
  • For safe use of the Hot Water Bottles, follow the instructions for use enclosed with the Hot Water Bottles!





The screw stopper of your beloved GRÜNSPECHT Natural Rubber Hot-Water Bottle has been lost? Here we can help you. We offer 2 replacement hot water bottle screw stoppers with Ø 23 mm thread, which fit our dark green hot water bottles (see photo). So you still have long pleasure with your hot water bottle! It is recommended to replace the hot water bottle with a new one after a maximum of two years, if used normally. If there are any wear, tears, fragility or other damages present, do not use the hot water bottle again in any circumstances.