Organic animal toy Elli the elephant

For biting and playing made of natural rubber


  • For biting during teething and for playful training of the sense of grasp & touch
  • Flexible soft toy and teething animal in elephant shape
  • Play and teething animal in one
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Design: Elephant, dark blue

Product description

Product DescriptionThe cute organic play animal “Elli the elephant” is teething ring and toy in one. Thanks to its natural shape and color, it awakens baby’s curiosity and invites playful discovery. It promotes fine motor skills and the sense of grasp & touch. In addition, chewing on the soft toy supports the teething process.

The play animal is made of natural rubber and is free of harmful ingredients such as BPA and phthalates.

Our organic play animal has been tested according to the toy standard DIN 71 by an independent testing institute.



Babies discover the world with their hands, mouth and eyes. Our cute elephant Elli is therefore certainly very exciting for the little ones: a blue elephant made of soft rubber in a shape that invites them to touch and grasp.


Our organic play animal elephant is ideally suited:

  • as a teething toy to support when the first teeth come in.
  • as a toy to train the sense of touch and fine motor skills
  • as a toy for the bathtub, as it is completely sealed and therefore no mold can form due to water entering.

Material & Care instructions

Material: Natural rubber

 Care instructions

  • Clean the toy animal with warm water before using it for the first
    time and then at regular intervals and store it in a dry and hygienic place.
  • Please do not boil the toy animal.
  • Not suitable for being heated up in a microwave or for being steam-sterilised.
  • The toy animal is not dishwasher-safe.
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents to clean the toy animal.
  • The natural rubber smell will disappear with time and is completely harmless.

Storage and disposal instructions

  • Do not expose the toy animal to direct sunlight or heat as this may
    damage the product.
  • The toy animal can be disposed of in the
    household waste and be recycled thermally without any problems.