Care & Hygiene

Discover our product range: wrapping and sleeping, bathing and washing as well as haircare

Naturally wrapped


The baby’s skin is particularly delicate and sensitive. Especially the buttocks can literally be the
sore spot in an infant. Changing diapers several times a day puts additional stress on the delicate baby skin in the diaper area. With our products, diapering is no longer a problem.

Sleep naturally


Our waterproof bed pads and organic bed pads in different sizes ensure a dry mattress and are
ideal as a pad on the changing table or as a base for your little treasure during massage and PEKiP. Our
Organic fitted sheet protects the mattress from wear and dirt.

Naturally clean

Care and hygiene are of central importance in the first months of life, so that babies feel completely comfortable. The
baby’s skin is particularly delicate and sensitive.
With our soft natural sponges, even particularly sensitive skin areas can be washed and cleaned without any problems. The silky feeling on the skin is not only pleasant for the little ones.