Organic Fitted Sheet

Very soft bed protection


  • With durable all-round elastic for a perfect fit
  • Skin friendly and breathable
  • Material: 100 % cotton (organic)
  • For mattresses measuring 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 140 cm
  • GOTS certified


Product description


Our organic fitted sheet protects the mattress from soiling , wear and tear, and lying on it is pleasant. It is made of 100 % cotton from controlled organic farms – for a relaxing and restful sleep. The product is certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is therefore both eco-friendly and socially responsible.


We recommend that the fitted sheet is washed before being used for the first time (see care instructions). In this way, the fitted sheet is then nice and soft and any
possible contamination from transport or storage is cleaned away and the sheet is ready to be used. The elastic round the edge of the sheet and the stitched corners
give a perfect, crease-free fit. The fitted sheet can be pulled over the mattress quickly and easily. The sheet is suitable for mattresses which are 60 x 120 cm up to 70 x 140 cm.

Material and care advice

Material: 100% cotton (organic)

Care Advice:

  • The fitted sheet is machine-washable up to 60 °C and can be tumble dried.
  • Store the product in dry, clean conditions!

Production: We pay attention to carefully selected cotton from controlled organic farms. Our fitted sheets are manufactured sustainably, eco-friendly and fairly in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The paper insert is FSC certified and comes from responsibly cultivated forests.

Use: Due to the use of cotton from controlled organic farms, the organic jersey fitted sheet is very suitable for the little ones. It is skin friendly and soft.

Durability: The protective packaging guarantees that the organic jersey fitted sheet is delivered intact to your home. The high-quality cotton is very soft and long lasting if cared for according to the instructions.

Disposal: The organic jersey fitted sheet can be disposed of in household waste and be recycled thermally without a problem. Dispose of and recycle the individual parts of the packaging according to their type. Please pay attention to regional disposal guidelines.