Teething and Soothing

Natural Teething 

The breakthrough of the first tooth can occur suddenly and unnoticed – but more often than not, it causes sleepless nights and a baby racked with pain. Not only the babies suffer in these days, they are also a real endurance test for parents. This so-called impingement of teeth, which can begin as early as in the third month of life, is often unbearable for some little ones. There are several products on the market. As well as the intended effect (massage by chewing), the focus is increasingly on aspects such as naturalness and ease of use. This is where GRÜNSPECHT natural products can help you to cope with teething and comforting. As well as the fulfilment of specific guidelines and standards, high-quality standards are our priority. Especially all teething products require special skill in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of our little ones.

Our Classics

Teething babies’ need to chew increases sharply. A gum massage and chewing on teething rings and the like do the baby good now and support the eruption of the little teeth. We use only high-quality and natural materials for our teething products, which can be safely put in the baby’s mouth. With our classics, teething is no longer a problem!

Finger Toothbrush

Our Natural Finger Toothbrush has two different sides. The bristle side is used for gentle tooth cleaning, and the opposite side with the different textures is used for gum massage. It can also be used for tongue cleaning. The finger toothbrush is suitable for almost all finger sizes thanks to the expansion joints on the sides and the elastic material. In addition, the tight fit allows for a snug fit on the finger. Due to the position of the finger toothbrush directly on the finger, the pressure of the application can be dosed much finer than with a conventional toothbrush. The wavy finish makes it easier to pull the finger toothbrush on and off. It is made of natural rubber and is free of BPA and phthalates.

Natural finger toothbrush

Organic teething animal

The organic teething anmal is well suited by the material to chew on it. This supports teething
Babies in the natural teething process. The wooden ring is ideal for grasping and holding for small children’s hands.

Organic Animal toy

Babies discover the world with their mouths, hands and eyes. The natural shape of our toys awakens the curiosity of the little ones and invites baby’s little hands to explore. Thus, first experiences with different shapes and structures can be made playfully and the sense of touch and grasp is trained quite incidentally. Due to the material, the play animal is also ideal for chewing on. This supports teething babies in the natural teething process.

Amber Jewellery

Baltic gemstones were first formed around 40 to 70 million years ago from the resin of amber pine trees. In ancient times, amber was a sign of luxury and power which is why it was used as a versatile jewellery stone. In Esotericism, it also belongs to the traditional protective stones which are said to allay fears and give the wearer a zest for life.

Pacifier Chains

Our pacifier chains come in various designs. Gemstones are said to possess supernatural forces. They are said to bring luck and some gemstones can help babies to develop positive characteristics and to counterbalance the negative ones.

Organic Dummy

The soother is made from natural rubber in a way which is environmentally friendly and sustainable and free from BPA, phthalates and silicone. Our Organic Dummy is available in three different sizes.