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Discover our new “crafting” range, our cuddly fabric toys, our organic baby impression sets and our traditional wooden toys

Our assortment around handicrafts

Why is handicraft so important?

GRÜNSPECHT wants to accompany and promote children’s development beyond babyhood. With the new craft products, toddlers can let off steam creatively and create their first works of art. Crafting is not only fun, it also encourages children to express themselves creatively and implement their first ideas. Painting, kneading and cutting not only trains motor skills, but also imagination and creativity. The little ones learn to concentrate over a longer period of time and create their first little masterpieces.

Organic Baby Impressions

For permanent hand and/or foot prints

In the first few months babies grow very quickly and before you know it your little treasure has turned into a young adult. With the organic baby impression kit you can create a cast of your little treasure’s hand and/or foot print to keep as an unforgettable memento. Our casting clay is made from organically grown German potato starch and has been tested by an independent test institute for the safety of your child. The casting clay meets the requirements of EN 71 (toy safety standard). The casting clay is made entirely in Germany. Our accessories are made from renewable, organically certified and controlled materials. The casts make ideal memorable and personalised gifts to mark a birth.

Our Organic Baby Impression Kit is availaible in three variants:
Casting clay and accessories

We tell you what’s inside! The most important component of our innovative baby casting clay is potato starch organically grown in Germany. In contrast to most products on the market we declare all our ingredients and we are all for full transparency. The casting clay smells pleasant and not at all of solvents. Our casting clay meets the requirements of EN 71-3 and EN 71-9 (toy safety standards) and have been tested by an independent testing institute. It comes in attractive packaging with a practical opening mechanism to enable you to view the content without damaging the packaging!

Casting Clay

  • Made from organically grown German potato starch
  • Naturally white without the use of whitener
  • Air-drying
  • 150 g per tin


  • 100 % home-grown wood


  • Made from organic plastic
  • Free from phthalates, formaldehyde, bisphenol A
  • 94 % renewable raw materials (sugar cane)
  • Size: approx. 11 x 13 cm

Woven cords

  • Two modern designs
  • 100 % cotton
  • Length: approx. 40 cm each

Gift boxes

Whether as a high quality gift for family members, friends or work colleagues. Our lovingly packaged baby gift boxes are the ideal gift for birth, baptism or baby shower. Adults will also be delighted with our body warmer box. For Christmas, for a birthday or just because. The box can later simply be further used as an organizer for storing toys or as a memory box.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are, and always will be, a classic. Smoothly cut wood is not only pleasant to touch, it is also easy to hold. Our wooden toys are manufactured exclusively from European birch wood. Birch wood is comparatively light and elastic, and bends easily, enabling it to be manufactured very well both manually and mechanically. Birch wood does not splitter easily – a property that increases the safety for toys. Optically, birch wood is very light and looks slightly silky. All these properties make it an ideal wood for toys. Our wooden toys are lovingly manufactured by hand, and wood oil sets off the natural wood grain. This wood oil is saliva proof and quite safe in accordance with the toy safety standard EN 71.

Stuffed Toys

At around three to four months of age, babies begin to discover their hands and to move their arms more consciously. From now on, it makes sense to give them their first toys so they can gradually learn to discover the world through gripping, feeling, hearing and sucking. Our whole loving rabbit series with cuddly warming pillows, gentle textile rattle and practical comforter made of organic cotton has been certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is therefore manufactured not only eco-friendly, but also socially responsibly. Our products are free of pollutants and do not contain optical brighteners. The soft and fluffy quality makes babies want to cuddle and caress. Due to high-quality materials and careful manufacturing, our toys are an optimal companion for babies and make a wonderful gift at birth.

Natural rubber toys

For biting and playing made of natural rubber

Babies discover the world with their mouth, hands and eyes. The natural shape of our toys arouses the curiosity of the little ones and invites baby’s hands to explore. In this way, they can playfully make their first experiences with different shapes and structures, and their sense of touch and grasping is trained along the way. The material also makes the toy animal ideal for chewing on. It supports teething babies in the natural teething process.