Wooden Grasping Toy

Natural shaped grasping toy


  • Trains the tactile sense
  • Promotes creative learning
  • Natural design
  • Child-friendly and natural
  • Designs: fish, heart, bear, hedgehog, flower
  • 100 % European birch


Product description


The toy is made from European birch wood. It helps teach the baby how to grip and touch, encouraging creative learning. The natural design is child friendly and available in creative shapes such as fish, hedgehog, bear, heart and flower.

  • Small babies explore the world using their mouth, hands and eyes.
  • The even, natural design and the smooth wooden surface invite the baby’s hand to explore.
  • First experiences with shapes and structures are made without overexertion.
  • Simply put the wooden toy in your baby’s hand, so that he/she can play with it.
  • The wooden toys must only be used indoors.

Material and care advice

Material: 100 % European birch

Care Advice:

  • Do not use pungent cleaning agents for cleaning the wooden toys.
  • Simply wipe the wooden toy with a moist cloth if it is soiled.